We Get to the Right People
get you access into outlets you would have trouble getting into on your own
The rate of charge we would expect to receive for our efforts is dependent on a number of factors
  • The size of our territory, as a general rule, the larger the territory, the lower the percentage rate of the commission/margin
  • The length of exclusivity in our mutual agreement, are we still paid if someone from our area orders directly
  • The services we are asked to provide- for instance administering a returns policy
  • Who arranges and pays for expenses- for example who pays for advertising, brochures, exhibitions and other marketing material
  • How good is your product in these markets- how quickly can we build turnover.

Your know how and support will be critical in the early stages.

  • Our preferable terms would be sole selling rights for the EU for period of 60 months
  • We could look at taking a shorter period of 24 months or alternatively a longer period in a smaller region such as the United Kingdom for our trial with an exclusive contract.
  • Subject to this satisfactory trial period we would also wish to discuss terms and conditions with you for an ongoing basis.