How We Work
we sell nothing, you pay nothing
The challenge we overcome is barrier of cost of entry to the United Kingdom and Ireland marketplaces. We may save you almost $40,000 USD a month in running costs of a UK and Ireland sales business.
  • We supply native English speaking staff
  • Telephone options include answering in your company name (small cost),or as Ecobods
  • Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as your customer service/order-line.
  • Offices across the country
  • Nationwide sales-force
  • No setup fees unless arranging launch for new entrant
  • We collect small orders, take payments arrange delivery and pay you.
You may currently collect some orders over the Internet but this could be the tip of the iceberg
  • No fixed costs, we sell nothing, you pay nothing,
  • No travel expenses
  • A profit margin equal to a commission is the only payment we ask for
  • We invoice each individual customer they pay Ecobods when an invoice is due we pay you, we handle local currency exchange and make payment in your currency of choice.