Our Promise
to make you stand out from the crowd
We specialise as a Marketing & Manufacturers' Agent (Commercial Representative) for a low carbon society having a team with a combined 50 years experience of green & ethical products..Ecobods is an innovative and influential leader in the green business market building a sales force for your UK & Ireland sales from the country manager level down to the actual reps – the entire force dedicated just to you using systems and processes developed by an industry leader in sales partnerships
It’s extremely important to have feet on the streets to hammer home that this moment is the moment of choice between the two paths of quality or price. We only deal with high performance or market leading products. At Ecobods we understand people can have quality or they can have cheap but they cannot have both
Our promise to the installer is to only deliver the finest goods and services to enable a greener lifestyle
More than just a marketing agency as we will actually import the products, supply regional distributors or. installers, we collect their individual orders, group these orders together and order from you. We pay you directly, shipping to the buyer or to our own 1400m2 (14,000square feet) facility and redistribute accordingly. As your agent we do not carry stock but can accept returns, act as your customer services, training centre, carry (consignment) spare parts and literature on your behalf.
providing your new frontier with sales coverage nationwide across The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland


We are deeply passionate about bringing new products to market. Our business is making people incentivised to act on Climate Change by demonstrating an aspirational ideal of where or how we might live as a greener society.


Our vision is to bring non-resident market leaders or market challengers into the UK & Ireland and the rest of Europe by marketing directly to installers and distributors as we want to be the best Marketing & Manufacturers Agent in Europe for energy conservation, renewable energy and greener lifestyles
Our Mission
to empower the world with products and services to eliminate our dependency on fossil fuel.
Ecobods is designed to bring, alternative energy, alternative wellness, sustainable living, recycling, self development and entrepreneurship together.
Our mission is to share your green product or service across the UK , Ireland or even the rest of Europe one installer or distributor at a time
Our motivation: We're killing people in foreign lands in order to extract 200 million-year-old sunlight. We'll frack our own beaches, pollute lakes or rivers, or we blow up our mountaintops all for an hour of heat or power, when we could just take what’s falling free from the sky or insulate to conserve what energy we create”  

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